Recalled Product

We usually hear or see in telly the downside of being a loyalty member of Department Stores or Supermarkets.  I can’t remember seeing news about the upside of being one.  I suppose, it can be deemed as free advertising and one shouldn’t give these multi-million if not billion businesses a free ride.  As I vow to be more grateful and thankful, I am going to talk about one of the benefits of being a member that I experienced recently.

With scanning your card when shopping, your spending and shopping habits are being tracked.  I know for some people, it is equivalent to invasion of privacy to some extent.  I don’t mind, I have nothing to hide.  If anything, I like it sometimes as I get offers for products that I usually buy.  One of the good things for having your shopping habit tracked is that, if you bought a recalled product, they send you an email.  I received an email last year about a double-adaptor (not for firewire audio interface, no).  It took me awhile to round up those as I bought two packs of 2.  I took them to the shops last week and got a refund. 
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