Sorting and Culling

this is just a reminder for me.  I have lined up a lot of things to sort and cull around the house.  We are accummulating a lot of stuff and junk and nothing is ever going out.  It should be in and out but there's more in than out.  

I have made mental notes and rules I am not buying anything for the house until I've gone through everything - sort and cull, etc.  The first on my list are the toys.  It has gone massive for the last year that they are getting out of control.  

I reckon, these tubs from bunnings will be good.  I own one and might need to buy more but that just defeats the purpose isn't it?  I need to get on it very soon.

Coffee and RF

Okay, I was wandering at the kitchen essential isle at Costco looking for a sandwich press (ours gave up a month ago, maybe).  And what do you know?  The first thing I saw was RF.  I have been a fan and I thought because he is getting old now (bad of me to say that), I'll move on to more recent talent. But really, once a fan will always be a fan.  I didn't buy this item though.  No room in my kitchen. 


Time Pieces

For some reason, I like clocks.  Wall clocks basically.  I have one for each room.  I currently have two in the common areas.  

I had a blank wall (the painting kept on falling off that I don't want to put it back-up anymore).  I bought this one a few months ago.

Yellow, indeed.  I am not sure that it is my favourite colour but I just want something that is bright.  

Then, yesterday at the shops.. this was on special.  Not bad for 10 bucks.  I have not put it up yet so I don't know if works.  

Hopefully, it does or else I will really be disappointed.  Now, thought I have a dilemna.  I don't know where to put this one up.  Have to remove the yellow one and hang it somewhere I think. 

Good Deal on Toaster

So our toaster conked a few weeks ago.  We have been without and been using the griller to toast bread.  I was really determined to buy a good brand and good price.  I was not prepared to buy one over 50 bucks.  I checked junk mail catalogues and online catalogues and the cheapest was around 30 bucks.  Fine by me but the problem was, they were out of stock.  

I was at Target just window shopping (for shoes, of course) and I happen to see that they have a good deal, 50 bucks for 4 slots.  Not bad.  But they didn't have anything left other than the display item.  Oh well, I got it.  For 24.50.. not bad I'd say.  It didn't come with a manual but who needs a manual to operate a toaster? 


Freebies and Ibooks

so, i have owned an iphone for over 5 years now and guess what?  I have only recently utilised ibooks. How weird and opportunities lost.  For freebies books that is.  I have just discovered that I dont need to really buy books because there are so many freebies that I can hardly catch-up.  There seems to be new freebies every week.  Yay me!  That's from one of the books I read, by the way.

Now, my library is getting extensive.  But if I don't really like the book, I delete it after reading.  I only retain books that I bought and freebies that I will read again.

But yeah, happy me! It beats going to the library.  But I still have to for my little boy. 

My Favourite Thongs

at the moment.  I don't really own a lot of thongs, four to five pairs I think.  My shoes are everywhere around the house so if I don't see them, they don't get used.

These were on sale at Harris Scarf a few months ago.  I bought 4 pairs, not just all for myself of course.  They're for presents when we go to the Philippines.  

It feels like summer here although it's just the start of spring.  It's thongs and shorts weather already.  

From My Garden

One of my many interests or hobbies of you may call them, are plants or gardening.  I don't really have a green thumb but I have not killed all my plants yet, so there's hope for me. 

Winter is a slow season for the plant growth but some of my plants are promising.  Here are some of them.

The hanging plant, the old man's beard or spannish moss.  So many names but so easy to grow.  It was a small little thing when I bought it from Bunnings and it's been getting massive. 

I was told, this one is a weed.  You can't kill it even if you try.  Just my favourite plant, I'd say. Another one from Bunnings.

My four crotons (again from Bunnings) and the hibiscus from a cutting that I took from our bigger plant.  

This jade has been with the family for more than a decade, I'd say.  I have more with similar history. 

My poinsettia, just sprouted flowers in the recent months.  Been with us for three years or so.


Paid Surveys

I am sure you all have heard about paid surveys.  some of you may have tried them?  any success?  I mean by success, you didn't need to go through all hoops like lots and lots of surveys to answer, spam mails in your inbox or sometimes spam phone call.  

We'll I have certainly tried some if not all.  It was when I didn't work for two years when I first came in Australia - getting preggers and you know, waiting until The Tatapilla was 13 months to go to work.  I can't say, I have any success at all.

But then, out of the blue I realised that indeed there's a credible survey site that pays me 5 bucks for every survey.  It's not often, I am not sure but probably every month.  And their questions are realistic.  It's all about family spending and eating habits.  

If you are interested, please go to www.dbyresearch.com and enter the code 82216.  You would ask, what's in it for me?  I get paid 3$ for every person that will sign-up using my code.  Not bad isn't it.  Come on, try it.  The survey is not long at all and you can pause it when you don't have enough time too finish in one sitting.


Trip to Sydney

This week I was sent to Sydney to one of our customers there.  It was planned late the week before last, say around Thursday.  The customer wanted some help and ASAP, so off I went.  

I didn't have to be onsite until 9AM but guess what?  You may think that I was excited as I chose a 6am flight for a 1.5 hours fly time.  But it all end up well.  I had time to grab a cuppa and I didn't have to be harried and hurried.  

I got home late though.  And it was a start of a very long week for me.
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