My MIL bought me a sewing when I was pregnant.  The purpose of which was I can sew some things for my coming baby.  I was not working then so I had time to sew.  And I was pregnant.  I was able to sew some baby stuff, not much though.  The most that I have used my sewing machine was for mending or for hemming.  

We moved houses, so I packed my sewing machine.  It had not been unpacked for several years now.  What a shame really.  Sometimes, I get the urge or inclination to unpack it and some thing but as soon as I get home, I am just too tired and can't be bothered.

I own a sewing kit though.  Lookie, lookie.  Pretty, I'd say.  Do ata cases look like this?  

Mind you, I bought this from Aldi and this is from the Philippines, my birth country.  I like it very much as it can hold all of my supplies.  I have more supplies but if they don't fit here, then I don't need them, I reckon.

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