In our previous trip, we have been staying at an apartment with complete kitchen and dining facilities.  I couldn't get hold of their office a week before our trip so I decided to look for accommodation somewhere else.  

I checked the hotel that my friend recommended and it looks okay.  Affordable, free breakfast, fee wifi,close to the location that we know.  All good.  Plus we are only staying for a couple days only.

The moment we stepped in our room, we couldn't help comparing it with the apartment that we stayed before.  As Mcj said, this hotel makes the apartment look a lot better.  And that's saying a lot.  The apartment is an old building but the amenities and facilities are all in good quality and condition.  

Let it be known that, we are not going to be repeat customers here.  The only good thing going for us here is it has transport service to and from the airport, which mind you is not free but just the convenience of having a service readily available is good.

Let me say that this hotel is not something to write home to. 



My MIL bought me a sewing when I was pregnant.  The purpose of which was I can sew some things for my coming baby.  I was not working then so I had time to sew.  And I was pregnant.  I was able to sew some baby stuff, not much though.  The most that I have used my sewing machine was for mending or for hemming.  

We moved houses, so I packed my sewing machine.  It had not been unpacked for several years now.  What a shame really.  Sometimes, I get the urge or inclination to unpack it and some thing but as soon as I get home, I am just too tired and can't be bothered.

I own a sewing kit though.  Lookie, lookie.  Pretty, I'd say.  Do ata cases look like this?  

Mind you, I bought this from Aldi and this is from the Philippines, my birth country.  I like it very much as it can hold all of my supplies.  I have more supplies but if they don't fit here, then I don't need them, I reckon.

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