Ribbon Plant

We have been meaning to re-pot this baby as it has out-grown its pot.  But it was supposed to be a bonsai so I am sure, it's not minding that the pot is too small.  

One of these days, you'll be in your proper home.

With our OS trip looming, my weekends are full.  I had almost a year to plan for this trip and although I am a fairly organised person, I am nowhere near ready.  So far I have packed one suitcase and I need to pack six.  I have planned what to pack in each suitcase so it's almost a quarter of the job done.  There are hotels to book but the usual hotel that we stayed in to doesn't accept booking way ahead of time.  I have scheduled to call a week before we get there.  I just hope that there are vacancies then.  But we are repeat business and we are familiar with the staff from the guards to the receptionist, I feel positive that we'll get a room.  

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