Fun and Reunion

This years overseas trip has been planned for a year or so.  Then middle of this year, my friend from Adelaide booked their own trip back home.  And guess what, they only paid 500 pesos return for their fare (plus fuel and other charges, of course).  But 500?  It's cheaper than one way domestic flight in the Philippines.  

We hatched a plan to meet up with our college classmates.  We have a slight problem though.  As we will be arriving a few days before we leave and they're all weekdays, it's so hard to get people to decide if they can attend or not.  Some volunteered to take a day off from work but it's a hard ask.  

My friend is now in the Philippines for almost a week.  We'll be flying home in less than three weeks time.  We have not received any confirmation of who will be attending.  Oh well, hopefully this get together will push-through.  Either way, I'll have to meet my college friends and it will have to be on a weekend.  

I just hope we'll have lots of fun jamming, catching up and just be with each other to reminisce the old times. I do hope there are guitars with most sizes that can accommodate all of us.


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