Fun and Reunion

This years overseas trip has been planned for a year or so.  Then middle of this year, my friend from Adelaide booked their own trip back home.  And guess what, they only paid 500 pesos return for their fare (plus fuel and other charges, of course).  But 500?  It's cheaper than one way domestic flight in the Philippines.  

We hatched a plan to meet up with our college classmates.  We have a slight problem though.  As we will be arriving a few days before we leave and they're all weekdays, it's so hard to get people to decide if they can attend or not.  Some volunteered to take a day off from work but it's a hard ask.  

My friend is now in the Philippines for almost a week.  We'll be flying home in less than three weeks time.  We have not received any confirmation of who will be attending.  Oh well, hopefully this get together will push-through.  Either way, I'll have to meet my college friends and it will have to be on a weekend.  

I just hope we'll have lots of fun jamming, catching up and just be with each other to reminisce the old times. I do hope there are guitars with most sizes that can accommodate all of us.



Cut Flower Week 2

This weeks flowers are pink carnations.  

I didn't see any reduced price flowers when I got to Woolies today.  I was resigned to the fact that I will not be getting fresh flowers this week.  Then when I got to the self-checkout, there's a trolly full of reduced price flowers.  I stuck to my budget of 5 bucks and it got me these beauties.  Hopefully, it will last longer than the previous week. 

Ribbon Plant

We have been meaning to re-pot this baby as it has out-grown its pot.  But it was supposed to be a bonsai so I am sure, it's not minding that the pot is too small.  

One of these days, you'll be in your proper home.

With our OS trip looming, my weekends are full.  I had almost a year to plan for this trip and although I am a fairly organised person, I am nowhere near ready.  So far I have packed one suitcase and I need to pack six.  I have planned what to pack in each suitcase so it's almost a quarter of the job done.  There are hotels to book but the usual hotel that we stayed in to doesn't accept booking way ahead of time.  I have scheduled to call a week before we get there.  I just hope that there are vacancies then.  But we are repeat business and we are familiar with the staff from the guards to the receptionist, I feel positive that we'll get a room.  

Cut Flowers

So last week, I read in MindBodyGreen website something about fengshui.  Really, I can't remember what it was about but one thing stick to me was about buying fresh flowers every week.  I buy fresh flowers but not that often, mainly because I have no where to put the vase that is out of reach of our little climber, jumper and just ruin-everything friend.  He's attacked most of my indoor plants almost to death now.  And glass vase is just a no-no. 

Anyway, last weekend I rearranged furnitures and put a small desk (not sure of the term) leading to the hallway.  It's agains the wall and she has nothing to climb or jump onto to get to the flowers.  Plus, I found a copper vase which my my MIL's.  

Problem solved, voila.


Online Selling

I bit the bullet yesterday.  We have stuff lying around the house that can fetch a bit of cash of sold or can be given to charity.  In the past, I have been giving them to lifeline.  Then, Mcj suggested to advertise them in gumtree.  If they don't get sold, I can always take them to Lifeline later.  

So I read a bit about gumtree and created an account.  Yesterday, I posted 4 ads for personal items like shoes and books.  There have been views but not nibbles yet.  I might have put the price too high but they are negotiable.  

Here's a sample of my ads.


Cat in a Bucket

yes, not in a hat.  

I did a bit of cleaning up and sorting of the toys around the house today.  There are just too much toys that the Tatapilla can't let go.  Or me.  It's hard to sort them.

Anyway, I freed up one green bucket and lo and behold, out little girl jumped into it.  


Cooler Bag

I have been using cooler bags when shopping for quite sometime now.  Those small bags from woolies or the supermarket can't sustain for such a long time.  I have discarded a lot and it also makes my pantry messy.  

Anyhoo, in came Costco.  I bought one when we first became a member.  It's big, durable and handy. I even got questions from the super market about it.  I don't often go to Costco but it's handy anywhere.

I bought another last week.  For 10 bucks, I reckon, it will last years and years as long as it is kept away from the element.


Look at my new babies?  They don't last long but when they bloom, pretty!

I'm green-thumb into action.  This is one of the plants that I grew from cuttings.  Really, easy.

I'm quite happy with the result.  I think, I'll grow more of these.

Flood at Work

These are not really good photos but will give you an idea the state of my office for the past week.  Due to hail storm, the office got flooded.  We've been working from home since last week.  Hopefully, not too much destruction will occur. 

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