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I am sure you all have heard about paid surveys.  some of you may have tried them?  any success?  I mean by success, you didn't need to go through all hoops like lots and lots of surveys to answer, spam mails in your inbox or sometimes spam phone call.  

We'll I have certainly tried some if not all.  It was when I didn't work for two years when I first came in Australia - getting preggers and you know, waiting until The Tatapilla was 13 months to go to work.  I can't say, I have any success at all.

But then, out of the blue I realised that indeed there's a credible survey site that pays me 5 bucks for every survey.  It's not often, I am not sure but probably every month.  And their questions are realistic.  It's all about family spending and eating habits.  

If you are interested, please go to www.dbyresearch.com and enter the code 82216.  You would ask, what's in it for me?  I get paid 3$ for every person that will sign-up using my code.  Not bad isn't it.  Come on, try it.  The survey is not long at all and you can pause it when you don't have enough time too finish in one sitting.

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