Good Deal on Toaster

So our toaster conked a few weeks ago.  We have been without and been using the griller to toast bread.  I was really determined to buy a good brand and good price.  I was not prepared to buy one over 50 bucks.  I checked junk mail catalogues and online catalogues and the cheapest was around 30 bucks.  Fine by me but the problem was, they were out of stock.  

I was at Target just window shopping (for shoes, of course) and I happen to see that they have a good deal, 50 bucks for 4 slots.  Not bad.  But they didn't have anything left other than the display item.  Oh well, I got it.  For 24.50.. not bad I'd say.  It didn't come with a manual but who needs a manual to operate a toaster? 

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