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One of my many interests or hobbies of you may call them, are plants or gardening.  I don't really have a green thumb but I have not killed all my plants yet, so there's hope for me. 

Winter is a slow season for the plant growth but some of my plants are promising.  Here are some of them.

The hanging plant, the old man's beard or spannish moss.  So many names but so easy to grow.  It was a small little thing when I bought it from Bunnings and it's been getting massive. 

I was told, this one is a weed.  You can't kill it even if you try.  Just my favourite plant, I'd say. Another one from Bunnings.

My four crotons (again from Bunnings) and the hibiscus from a cutting that I took from our bigger plant.  

This jade has been with the family for more than a decade, I'd say.  I have more with similar history. 

My poinsettia, just sprouted flowers in the recent months.  Been with us for three years or so.

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