We Are Back

yes, not that it can be noticed that we have been away if you base it from the post here. I have been slacking, that's why. But anyway, we have been away for almost a month and whew, it has been very relaxing. We are starting to pick things up on the home front. Seven loads of washing on the weekend that we got back not to mention the cleaning and vacuuming around the house. I can't say that we are back to what it was before we left but things are a little bit okay now. We are also back to cooking meals for the weekdays on weekends. With the Tatapilla going to school and with heaps of homework, it is getting difficult to go to sleep early on weekdays. But things are getting better. On the school front, Mcj is busy catching up on paperworks for being a treasurer of PNC at the Tatapilla's school. The Tatapilla is catching up on his homework. See it's like we have one of those work positioner thingie, things are going smoothly. And so yeah, we are back in Down Under and back to normal :)

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