Should I Take Up Tea Drinking?

Well, I did when I was pregnant but it was not regular and it has not become a habit after. It's not the tea. It's more to do with the time to drink. I am not sure. Oh okay, it has something to do with taste. I can't seem to find the right kind of tea and taste to go with it, not that I sampled all kinds of tea. It's not like becoming and guitar connoisseur that one has to try everything including best m-audio keyboards. I suppose, the drive to become a tea drinker is not there. I guess I'll have to stick with coffee. Nothing wrong with it. I drink it very moderately.
You Are Measured
You believe in moderation, and you're pretty good at practicing it too. You avoid all extremes.
You try to live a sustainable life. You believe in conserving both your energy and your resources.

You're the type of person who puts a pot of tea on when you need some energy. You don't depend on it, but it gives you a boost.
Your signature tea: green tea - any and all kinds

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