Chocolate Coockies

It's been a while since I had Mrs. Fields chocolate cookies. I can get cookies at the shops but I am not big on bread, cookies or any sweets. But there are so many of those chocoately gift baskets for sale or any goodies that entice ones chocoholic appetite. Mother's day will be soon and chocolate baskets are some of the favourite presents to give to mums.

Red Blazer

EMMY ROSSUM As people buzz about her potential role in 50 Shades of Grey, the Hollywood songbird heats things up in a lacy top, bold red Kate Frances blazer and matching pout in New Orleans.
The red blazer is really nice. I have taken affection to red lately, I reckon favourite colours and style changes - just like looking at plastic business card rather than those made of paper. This one really looks like this


Green Pants

JENNIFER LOPEZ Covering her fab abs this time, Jennifer goes more low-key in a white cowl neck top, loose green Milly trousers and pretty pink lips (plus a Pomellato bracelet and Stella & Dot rings) at a Hollywood taping of American Idol.
Well, I certainly like this getup except for the shoes of course. I reckon, she could have worn lighter shoes. But still, the green pants are my favourite. I have seldom seen pants in green and because it is somewhat my favourite colour and definitely my friend's favourite - so I am biased - just like those into ageless male image who's biased with supplements that they're fond of.



When I rented this movie I have not seen the trailer. I read the synopsis at the back of the DVD but I have assumptions in my mind. After seeing the trailer, oh well. Not what I expected but I can live with it.

This is one of thee 5 movies that we are going to watch this weekend. It's the family weakness, we at least see 1 movie a week. Oh, this movie has JGA in it that's why I rented it without knowing what's in it. It's like seeing Deer Scram and you know that you just have to get it because you will regret if you wont.

1972 Emma

This is the first adaptation of Emma that I saw and I was quite happy about it. And of course, after searching in yt for it, I came across the 2009 adaptation. It makes me feel wanting and lacking. This version is my favourite of them all especially the character of Mr Knightley. He is more mature in this which sort of fit his role. It's a shame that I can't find any other episodes for this version. Searching for VHT Amps is far more easier. Oh well, I'll just have to find that DVD.

Post Baby


Proud papa Ben Affleck leaves the kids at home Friday, heading out hand-in-hand with with wife Jennifer Garner in Brentwood, Calif.

So far, this is my favourite photo of JGA post-baby. They sort of looked haggard but by far happy. What with taking care of 3 kids, one must get exhausted at one point. But hey, they are not on constant hold of htc desire hd, so they must be having a ball albeit tired.


Starting your Day

Morning is really the most important part of the day. Whatever time you wakeup, seems to dictate how your day will go and end. However one feels in the morning will help the course of the business. So one must start the day right - with full belly, not just full but with healthy and nutritious food. From bodyandsoul.com.au, here are some tips:
Make sure your breakfast contains the right amount of protein, carbs and fresh fruit and vegies.

Take your breakfast plate and split it into three. One third should be filled with a protein-based food, a quarter with starchy carbohydrates and the remaining third with a variety of fresh fruit and vegies.

Make sure you add some good fats and you have a nutritious breakfast that will supercharge your energy levels and stop blood-sugar fluctuations, leaving you less likely to reach for the biscuit tin mid-morning.

Most of us can do all these and afford all these from leather wallets, it's the time that we don't have.
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