Natural Fragrance

It's very recent that I was drawn into scents. I am more the natural kind or cologne type. So maybe natural scents is the way for me? Can I go back to natural or continue my ways and look forward just like printing envelopes online? Let's see when I finish my JA bottle.
Staying power Because of their botanical formulas, natural fragrances have a greater affinity with the skin and tend to wear better. “They linger on the skin,” Dallas-Kelly says. “They are bottled by hand and not in a factory. Also, they don’t go rancid so it increases the life of your perfume.” How to apply As most natural fragrances are oil-based, their application can become a beautiful ritual. To apply, dab or spritz lightly onto clean skin – between your breasts, in the crease of your elbow, on your wrists, at the nape of your neck and behind your ears. As your blood passes under the skin, its warmth encourages the fragrance to develop to its full potential. bodyandsoul.com.au

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