Drink Up

There are many myths out there and because these days people have become health buff, they are bordering into gullible that are taken advantage of by those sharks. In bodyandsoul.com.au website, there are myths busted and this is one.
6. How many glasses of water do I really need to drink a day? Drinking water is important for your health, but there's no need to go overboard. Kidney specialist Dr Chen Au Peh, from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, says 1.5 litres a day is plenty for healthy people with normal kidney function. "There are no scientific reasons to drink more than this," he says. People working outdoors on a hot day or running a marathon will need more to keep hydrated due to their sweat levels. But Dr Peh says too much water, more than 20 litres a day, can actually lead to "water intoxication" and put your health in danger as it causes sodium levels in the blood to fall.
I have not read about cigars bundles though. Are there any?

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