PDA Much

The most romantic place to be in Hollywood last night? The red carpet of the star-studdedArgo premiere.
At least it certainly looks that way, as not only did George Clooney and Stacy Keiblerquiet the breakup rumors that perpetually plague them by strolling arm-in-arm in front of reporters (and, more importantly, photographers), but the movie's star and director, Ben Affleck, exhibited some PDA of his own, puckering up for his leading lady, wife Jennifer Garner.
Not really much, this couple do not mooch as often as others I reckon.  Despite what I read in the comments, for me, it's just a show of affection.  They seem to be just a normal couple with Jen in her usual hair (I wonder if MySalonTools hair shears  has anything to do with it).  Nonetheless, they are my favourite celeb couple/family.  


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