For my collection

I am building my collections of magazines - not just your every week issues but those that are deemed as collectibles.  I don't have much yet but this one is certainly one of them.  The content of this mag is quite worth the read and the money.  

There are things worth paying and waiting for.  Maybe, great Amplifiers can be one of them. I collect any subject magazines of any subject - something that will be worth reading when I have retired.  Lol.    


PDA Much

The most romantic place to be in Hollywood last night? The red carpet of the star-studdedArgo premiere.
At least it certainly looks that way, as not only did George Clooney and Stacy Keiblerquiet the breakup rumors that perpetually plague them by strolling arm-in-arm in front of reporters (and, more importantly, photographers), but the movie's star and director, Ben Affleck, exhibited some PDA of his own, puckering up for his leading lady, wife Jennifer Garner.
Not really much, this couple do not mooch as often as others I reckon.  Despite what I read in the comments, for me, it's just a show of affection.  They seem to be just a normal couple with Jen in her usual hair (I wonder if MySalonTools hair shears  has anything to do with it).  Nonetheless, they are my favourite celeb couple/family.  


Happy Shalala

I always think that I am easy to please as I am happy with just very simple things like taking a walk but I am sure, Mcj has otherwise opinion of me - but that's what a husband is for, to contradict you.  Lol. And to make you coffee while you blog about a gold bar.

It's a bright and sunny day and I am able to communicate to my friends and loved ones, what else can I ask for?     

You Have Your Friends to Smile About

You are truly blessed to have good people in your life. Your friends get you through the good times and the bad times.
You can't help but smile whenever you're around your friends. Even thinking about them brings a grin to your face.

You feel like everything will be okay in your life, as long as you have a support network.
And you get a lot of happiness from supporting your friends in return. You believe that people truly do need each other.

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