Bikini Bod

As JA fan, I just have to post this. I think, this is the first photo that I saw of her in bikini while with JT. So yeah, a milestone for me. :) Anyway, she seems happy and unperturbed of all the pressure of getting married and having babies. To each her own, I believe. At least, she doens't have to worry outside herself and her partner because despite the availability of liability insurance, a mum and wife worries more.
Now that's one hot couple. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were spotted catching some rays and getting a little shutter-happy in Capri. The fit couple took turns snapping photos of each other while aboard a luxurious yacht. The 43-year-old actress looked flawless in a red and black bikini, while longtime beau Theroux showed off his rock-hard abs.

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