DVT while eating?

Having lunch at your desk isn't just bad for your social life; it could also be detrimental to your health. Bad news for those who regularly eat lunch glued to their computers: you have twice the chance of developing deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), a potentially fatal blood clot. A recent New Zealand study done on 400 workers found that deskbound eaters had a 2.2-fold increased risk of blood clots. Earlier research has found the flow of blood around the leg drops by 50 per cent after 90 minutes of sitting down, so try to stand up and move once an hour at work or on flights. People at risk of DVT are also advised to wear compression stockings.
Well, I surely be in danger if this was true. But I reckon, there's a bit more of an exaggeration here. I presume that if you eat at your desk, it also means that you seldom stand from your chair. But if you are doing your exercises ( not as much as going to buy Marshall Amplifiers) while at work - the danger is less. source: bodyandsoul.com.au

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