My Favourite Couple

PARENTAL DUTY Leaving their three kids' at home, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck casually head out to run errands in Los Angeles on Monday. A recent photo of my favourite couple. There's no lovey-dovey this time but it is fun seeing celebs that do just like them - normal people and dressed as casually and who must also think of affordable life insurance. It seems that their family unit is getting stronger especially after the arrival of their little boy.


The Avengers

This movie is really awesome, very entertaining. The raves and good reviews are all true. This movie is funny - lots of dry humour. It's a shame though that one of the agents that I like died. I suppose in every war there are some sacrifices to win. Of course, as I have become an avid fan of R. Downey, Jr and Pepper Potts' love team, I am so ecstatic to see that they are also in the movie. Well, I have not seen the movie Thor but I like him in this movie so it might be late but I'd want to see it. There's no expandable foam for Hulk there. I am surprised though that it was not Eric Bana but M Ruffalo didn't disappoint.
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