Just looking for any music that Jens and I can dance with then I saw Beyonce's channel and listened to some of her songs. This song is quite good.

There are many other songs of hers that can be used in parties (when one was able to send Holiday Party Invitations). Speaking of parties, it's been such a long time when I went into one where I have to stay up late. Really, it's not my cup of tea even then so it wouldn't be now or in the future.


Life as we know it

Oh well, really it's the life that they didn't know that they have to live after their friends died. It's not an overly feel good movie but I quite enjoyed it. The movies that I have seen lately seem to be lacking of something - something that I cant really put my finger into.

Anyway, I'd say the story in not quite predictable as who would expect one to inherit a child but I suppose if you were close friends and nobody else can be relied to look after the child, even friends can be good parents for your kid. It would be good if they are holding Licensed Nurse Jobs. It's a funny movie especially the poop in the hat part.

Stars Grocery Style


Jen and Ben make a stylish mom-and-dad denim duo as they pick up some pretty sweet treats – daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2 – at the farmer's market in Brentwood, Calif.!

I absolutely adore this family. They are an inspiration - from being hands-on parents, for their solid wedding (I suppose) that can be featured incelebrity wedding inspiration section. Plus, they are expecting another member of the family. Horrah for the sisters.
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