Be spectacled


Eyeglass-wearing, soon-to-be mom-of-three Jennifer Garner makes a coffee run with 2½-year-old daughter Seraphina in Brentwood, Calif., on Friday.

I'm not so partial with her glasses but I myself need new pair. My prescription is expired and they're giving me headaches. I'm just on the look for nice bargain. So no cuff links for me, just eye glasses.


It's This Time Again

When I was single and unattached, every time I hear this song.. I got so emotional and yeah, cry. There's just something in this song that can touch ones heart.

Now, when I hear this (a lot of times as I bought a CD and I've been listening to it everyday).. I get a little homesick. I still miss celebrating Christmas in the Philippines. It's the family, the food, the spirit, the childhood reminisced, the work shoes for women, just simply the place.


Happy Outing

Garner, who is expecting her first son with husband Ben Affleck, also 39, in a couple of weeks, is frequently seen taking her little girls to and from their ballet classes.

It's a traditional pastime for a young lady, and one that her eldest daughter Violet, five, seems to have embraced whole-heartedly, right down to the fabulous costumes.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2069928/Jennifer-Garner-takes-tiny-dancers-ballet-class-Denise-Richards-cheers-soccer-star-daughter.html#ixzz1fq65Ckq5

The heavily pregnant Mum is having a blast with her girls. All girls outing. The Dad must have missed something big time here. Donning funny tee shirts is out of the question for having fun with family.


Won't Last a Day with out you

Another movie that I am dying to see this year or the coming year. I'm waiting for DVD of course or download videos from youtube.

I really like these two in their first movie. Their chemistry is just incredible. In this new movie, it shows that they've gone another level up in their scenes. There are move substance and the chemistry is really hot.
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