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Your Life Will Be Calm in Ten Years

You're the type of person who takes things as they come, and you do your best not to worry.
You know that there's a lot in this world that you can't change - and you're not about to try to change it.
You are confident and content. You don't feel like you need to push too hard.

Try to break out of your comfort zone every now and then, though. Have an adventure! You are risking complacency.

Cliche as it maybe, but really I want to be calm and collected 10 years for now. Well, I'm working on it now. As much as possible I don't really want to hurried and harried.

Anyway, all these quizes will be relevant if you're just a teen. When one gets excited and thrilled of receiving confirmation gifts for boys under $40 or even just the confirmation. One thing for sure, I was confirmed when I was young and I can't remember if I received a gift.. maybe I did from one of my godmothers.

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