Sibling Torture

As he is sitting howling in his room, I think about the torture my two brothers put me through. I remember how I learnt that pinching is far more effective than trying to punch a bigger boy who is tickling you to death while smothering you in a bean bag. I also learnt to be a master of the “dummy punch” - I would pretend to throw a punch but actually kick my poor brother in the privates. It certainly stopped him torturing me.

A girlfriend told me her sister used to give her “Chinese burns” at the top of the staircase because there was no way out but falling down the stairs. Another friend told me he once pushed his sister through a window and broke her leg.

These aren’t people who hate their siblings. In fact, they are ones with extremely close loving relationships - well now anyway. Clearly torturing your siblings is just part of growing up.

Like all younger siblings poor Amelie is going to have to learn how to fight back on her own when she is capable.

But what about you? What’s the worst thing you did to a younger sibling? What did your siblings do to you? What have your children done to each other?

I read this article in news.com.au about sibling torture. I can't really vividly remember about me and my siblings because I can say that I grew up outside my family. I'm the second child and I reached out outside my family early on. But I have a very happy childhood with my siblings. Anyway, I was thinking that the Tatapilla, for now anyway, will not be able to experience being the big brother. Hopefully, when we're with his cousins, it's possible. I saw my nephews and niece treat each other and it was pure chaos. If I could color print those memories or bottle them up, I would. I miss my family now.



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