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CELEBRITY chef Jamie Oliver has sped up his arrival in the flood-ravaged city of Ipswich, offering free meals to 250 people a day.

Oliver's Ministry of Food kitchen in Ipswich, his first such centre in Australia, was due to open around March.

"Construction for the new Ministry of Food Ipswich was due to commence this week. However given the devastation to the local area, we've put those plans on hold for now to help get the community back on its feet," said program manager for the Ministry of Food Australia, Alicia Peardon.

The centre will be open for two weeks as a drop-in centre for the Ipswich community.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/jamie-oliver-offers-free-meals-in-ipswich/story-e6frfmqi-1225991171970#ixzz1BT7JBKvc

This is good news for the people of Ipswich. Food is really needed there especially for those people who still reside at the evacuation centre. Food cooked by a chef and for those 250 who can partake to this blessing, will not read the hydroxycut reviews anytime soon.

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