Kitten Heels.. Black is Beautiful

L'amour is in the air as the actress visits Paris for what just might be a wedding dress shopping trip, wearing a belted coat, polished bag and black heels.

The star makes pulled-together style look effortless, adding a teal scarf and pretty kitten heels – and her engagement ring, of course! – to her casual jeans-and-jacket combo.

I like Reese kitten hits above and she looks gorgeous in black. I also like the hairdo.

I just read that Reese is engaged. Wow, this is big news to me. Of course, the impulse is to look up the fiancee's bio before liking coupons at Personal Creations in fb.


Love the Necklace

The ageless actress flaunts her famously rockin' bod in a Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit with plunging sleeveless tuxedo vest and layers of antique gold Fred Leighton necklaces to present.

Well, some would say boring but I say classic and unique. Jen is always there on her own style. A signature look that she has perfected. I always love the way she looks and the accessories.

This reminds me that I have been watching Friends in youtube. I missed the series. I'll have to buy the whole series soon.. and for prenatal vitamins click here. I'm not preggy, I'm just inspired by all these celebs for having new babies this year.

Surprising Faith

It's a girl – and a huge surprise!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban revealed Monday that they are the parents of a baby girl.

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban arrived Dec. 28 at The Women's Hospital at Centennial in Nashville. Faith was born through a gestational carrier and is the biological daughter of Kidman and Urban.

"Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret," the family says in a statement. "No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier."

Kidman and Urban, both 43, had kept the birth a secret, saying nothing about being new parents when they attended the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night.

I was really surprised by this news. Good on them for keeping it low the entire time. But I suppose, they will do everything for the safety and the sake of their child. Now they have 2 girls. How good.

I'm sure people wonder why they opt for a surrogate parent but I suppose they have their reasons.

Okay, now onto www.stepstoolsupply.com while waiting for my father and son to turn up from a friend's house.

Bold, eh?

You Are Having a Challenging Day

You are creative and easily inspired. You see so much eye candy in the world around you.
You are thoughtful and reflective. It's likely that you're taking stock of your life right now.
Your thoughts are very far away from what's going on right now. You have something important on your mind.
You are very outgoing. You have a big personality, and you're very bold.

Not so much about being bold though. I used to be but as people get wise and say " matured", we run out of energy and being bold requires so much energy. I get burned out really easily these days. Mcj even does the car insurance quote for me.

Helping Out

CELEBRITY chef Jamie Oliver has sped up his arrival in the flood-ravaged city of Ipswich, offering free meals to 250 people a day.

Oliver's Ministry of Food kitchen in Ipswich, his first such centre in Australia, was due to open around March.

"Construction for the new Ministry of Food Ipswich was due to commence this week. However given the devastation to the local area, we've put those plans on hold for now to help get the community back on its feet," said program manager for the Ministry of Food Australia, Alicia Peardon.

The centre will be open for two weeks as a drop-in centre for the Ipswich community.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/jamie-oliver-offers-free-meals-in-ipswich/story-e6frfmqi-1225991171970#ixzz1BT7JBKvc

This is good news for the people of Ipswich. Food is really needed there especially for those people who still reside at the evacuation centre. Food cooked by a chef and for those 250 who can partake to this blessing, will not read the hydroxycut reviews anytime soon.

Bloom Baby

Meet the Bloom baby... Flynn. But I like this photo the most. Very intimate. And kudos to Miranda for breastfeeding her baby. Few celebs go into the whole primitive basic thing. And it's really inspiring.

I don't have to enumerate the pluses of breastfeeding as the web is already proliferated of them. One need not use best appetite suppressant in order to shed the baby weight while at the same time "eating".

But most of all, this is sweet of them to share this photo in their own way.



Wishing of a Sunny Day

Not really because I want to hit the beach but I just want relief. It's been raining for almost a month now and some people in QLD are just mightily affected by it. Towns are flooded and the cleaning up will be worse. Waiting for the water to go down is painful. I reckon, handheld gps will not be useful in flooded areas soon, as roads could be gone.

I'm just praying.

Ben and Jen give daughter Violet, 5, a swing in the surf while on a fun family getaway in Hawaii.

The actor plays Prince Charming to daughter Ava, helping her to build a sand castle in his home country of Australia.

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