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Good News

If Jennifer Aniston gets her way, she’ll soon be the adoptive single mother to a bouncing baby boy, just like Sheryl Crow, Calista Flockhart, Sharon Stone
, Mia Farrow…my fingers are getting tired, but you get the idea.

OK! magazine
reports that the process is underway.

Inspired by her good friend Sheryl Crow, who just became a mom to adopted son Wyatt, Jennifer Aniston is seriously considering adopting a baby. The 38-year-old actress has met with the same adoption agency
that helped bring Sheryl and her son together. Jen has also been spotted buying a ton of baby products. All she has to do is set up a nursery in her 15-million, 9,000-square-foot pad in Beverly Hills — the house she’s been renovating since October.

I read this article from a magazine two days ago. I was surprised and happy for her. I think, it's high time she does have a baby. As always, I wish her happiness.

Saying that she walking in the footsteps of Ange is a load of rubbish. I mean, adopting a child has been a norm rather than an exception in Holywood now a days. It's not just Ange, there are some others who don't make it so public (except if they undergo adult acne treatments or worse) like her.

I hope, it'll turn out good for Jen.

Just Checking

I don't want another baby YET! But I'm just checking out names. I'm surprised the name of my little boy is the most popular name in the country where his great great grand father came from. We just say it in English.
Country Girls' Name Boys' Name
Australia Ella Jack
Czech Republic Jana Jakub
Denmark Anne Jens
Finland Maria Juhani
France Clara Mathéo
Germany Sophie/Sofie Maximilian
Lithuania Emilia Matas
Mexico Maria Fernanda Miguel Angel
Scotland Sophie Lewis
Serbia Milica Nikola
South Korea Seo-Yeon Min-Jun

I'm glad that his name is unique so he doesn't have to use two names at school. It's a dilemna for some parents to get mixed up with the stuff they bring (no fat burners that work).


Be The Judge

Is this good or bad? Be the judge.
SCIENTISTS in Houston are testing a drug that mimics the effects of exercise for people who are unable to work out.
The “exercise pill,” developed by Dr Vihang Narkar at the UTHealth Molecular Medicine Institute, is being tested on mice and is aimed specifically at people who are physically incapable of exercise, such as those in wheelchairs.

Dr Narkar said the compound was administered to sedentary mice for about a month -- and they were able to exercise up to 50 percent longer than untreated mice, report myFOXhouston.com.

“You're taking a couch potato mouse, treating them with a drug and converting them into a marathon mouse, if you will,” he said.

Unfortunately for human "couch potatoes," Dr Narkar estimates it could take a decade before the drug is approved and available on the market.

What's next? Pill food so you don't have to eat - get fat but still keep going? I'm very fortunate that I don't take pills inorder for me to function and live normally.

I just wonder, doesn't this pill defeat its purpose? I mean, if you can't exercise it means you are busy and when you are busy, you are exercising - your brain, muscles, etc. It seems how many online degrees, I may take.. I wouldn't be able to understand what's going on around anymore.


I downloaded in itunes this song sang by Sarah G and Piolo P. Although, I like them both, I have to agree to one of the comments in youtube that the beauty of the original is incomparable.

Music like this makes me feel homesick (my second home that is). It's so smooth and arrow-sharp, straight to the gut. Lol.

Listening and looking at Jim sing here, I thought he was Irish - maybe because the way he opens his mouth when he sings. I have to check wiki. He's American.

Obviously tonight I have so much time in my hands to mush and to check life insurance quotes.

Such a luxury.


Moving Up

There are some changes in the office. Not just in the role of the people but on the desk allocation as well. I was one of those affected by the later. Since we moved in that office more than a year ago, I already moved twice. This time, I get the window desk. I'm not overly giddy about it for several reasons, a) the aircon vent (4 angle) is slightly above my left side (I can feel cold air coming down) b) the window blinds' control is on the side that I can't reach, it's either I climb up the desk or get somebody else to do it and I'm not the person to bother somebody so it leaves me with one option.

Oh well, I can't have the best of everything right? I still enjoy the view (can always do skywatching) and if I'm lucky that the sun is not glary, I don't have to close the blinds. Time to put my feet up and enjoy the Black and Mild, Not!



Red Star Fish



Sweet and Sour Dream

You Are a Mango Cheesecake

You are alluring and exotic... there's something mysterious about you. You are also adventurous and well traveled. New things bring you exhilaration. You get along with many types of people. You are definitely open minded and cosmopolitan. You appreciate the laid back, slower pace of life. You could definitely imagine living on an island.

While I imagine that I'm eating Mango Cheesecake, I want to check out what are the institutions offering the best lsat prep. I'm not gong into law as I have thrown that dream out the window more than two decades ago.

Anyway, one of the reasons why I gave up my dream was for financial reasons and this, I really hate to admit, but didn't think that I could make it then. But I think given fair opportunity and resources, I can give it a try if we are still 15 years back. There are many online resources for preparing for it that are very accessible and helpful. If only I was as mature before as I am now I could have made it. Dream on!

Say Cheese

These photos were taken yesterday at the shops. I don't have any intention of eating lunch at the food court but the Little Boy has a notion that if we buy lunch we should eat it there too. As usual, he had a Happy Meal with a toy from the Movie How to Train your Dragon which was defective as we can't put the wings properly and ended up breaking it. Lol.

I took all these when he was trying to pose and say cheese. I hope they make you smile because it did to me.

PH - Vertical

I'm just being sporadic in posting photos to Photo Hunt (read: only when I am not busy).

We could not help to notice these hedges in one of the houses we passed by when we went to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. You see, we went there a bit late so parking inside the zoo was full and we found one about a kilometer hike. We didn't complain as it was free and we walked mostly on shaded area anyway. These hedges are made of pine (I don't know the variant) planted closer together. Mcj posed next to it to show how high the hedges are. It is very well maintained, must have paid heaps of money to the gardener. The image says it all. Some of the houses around the neighbourhood were starting to plant the same pine trees around their houses as well. I think, I might do the same if we have a smaller area and if I can afford to hire a gardener (plus anAcer Aspire to keep on blogging about it). They add beauty, privacy and personality to the house.


FF and Friends Night Out

1. All you need is love, love, love.
2. Goofing with my one-and-a-half men fills me with laughter.
3. Each generation, as it grows up, becomes smarter than the last.
4. Nothing as in is something I have a hard time dealing with.
5. A trip to saloon is what I need.
6. I was being silly and funny and you get back.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating truffles, tomorrow my plans include going to rellies place and Sunday, I want to go to the saloon if I can!

On the side note, I went out with some of my Filipina friends last night. It wasn't a big one, we just had dinner and talk and goof around for less than 2 hours. Everyone of us has responsibilities so we can't hang around for long. The electronic cigarettes was out of the question either as neither of us smokes. But it was a night to remember and to be repeated.


Men and Their DogS

Should I say, little dogs? What's with little ones anyhow? Maybe they're showing their soft side - it's a statement saying, I'm capable of handling little things like children? Lol.

When it comes to trainers, McConaughey's pup BJ is tops. Who knew such a short dog could have the energy to keep up with all those waterfront runs?

The sexiest Scotsman in show biz is rarely without pint-sized pug Lolita. Don't let her stature fool you, though: The pooch reportedly got into a scuffle with some greyhounds in New York last year.

For me it's already adorable to see men having pets. I can't be like them. I'm not really sure why - my love for animals and just skin deep. I would be sending them to a motorhome if I have one myself, though we have a big Russian cat. Mcj owned him and I haven't adopted him formally. :)
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