Bene skywatching again. Join the fun.


I Like Pink



The Hippo

One for Camera Critters.


Let's Talk About Planes

According to my husband, this is the plane/helicopter that Dick Smith used to fly solo around the world.

These planes are all in exhibit at the Power House Museum in Sydney.

My entry for Tuesday - My World.


3rd Weekend

Dental appointment – not so looking forward to it as I get lots of pains after based on the first appointment. I had 4 fillings and fortunately, all is now well.

Went to the shops to buy Mcj some work clothes.

Cooked yummy dinners (according to Mcj).
Saturday – mince meat, onions and potatoes stacked in a pan covered with diced tomato.
Sunday – chicken adobo (close to it), with veggies on rice.

Watched cricket – test cricket between Australia and Pakistan. Played backyard cricket, golf and croquet with The Tatapilla.

Managed to unpack what’s left from our holidays and folded washings for 2 weeks. Sorted out paper files.

A fruitful, relaxing and fun weekend for us.



Skywatch 14.01.2010

More skies to view at Skyley.


Long Neck

The giraffe at the Taronga Zoo. I particularly like this zoo as it's just a stone throw from the big smoke although parking is a bit difficult to find plus, it is in a hilly area. We have a great time there.

My first entry for Camera Critters and Wordless Wednesday.


Cost-cutting Measures

This year, I want to cut cost as much as possible. We are planning on spending Christmas and New Year with my family in the Philippines. It is expected that we would spending more than a month of my salary just for pocket money. If I want to give gifts and be a little bit extravagant, I have to save. So, to stick to my goal I plan on blogging the cost-cutting measures that I’m doing towards my goal. Oh, I will also blog my spending – I am known to that originally.

Since the first week of the year, I’ve been bringing food for lunch. At first, my reason was the shop where I used to buy lunches was closed. Now, I realise that I don’t have to buy lunch. I can pack some food at home that I think needs eating or else will just be spoiled.

Today, even if I lack time to prepare in the morning, I had boiled eggs, simple salad – cucumber and cos lettuce – and three slices of garlic bread. Yum!

And I didn’t spend a penny today.



2nd Weekend of 2010

Shopping. Bought Jens new shoes – not necessarily needed but they’re on sale. Paid 12.50 bucks for a nice pair. Not bad. Bought organising case and pretty necklaces.

Family get together. Hubby’s rellies from America are in town. Went to Sheerwood for a BBQ. Had fun – Jens and I had a swim.



Random Thoughts

Multi tasking.

Varied interests.




Action and Adventure

Are what I like.

You Are Action Adventure

You are lively and spirited. You like to be in the middle of the action, and you have a ton of energy.
You are very driven, and not just with your career. You like to play hard as well!
You are bold and brave. You're always looking for the next great adrenaline rush.
It's likely that you are athletic or at least pretty physically active. It's hard for you to sit still.



1st Weekend of 2010

Got back from New South Wales Holiday. Tired but happy and rejuvenated.

Unpacked but didn’t finish. Washed but didn’t dry. It rained on Sunday.

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