Sleep and Food

You Are a Morning Person

You're optimistic, alert, and full of energy to start the day.
While you would love to party all night, you rather be up at the crack of dawn.
You don't procrastinate or spend time worry about what to do next.
You take life by the reigns, and you like to have an early start.

I can't really say that I am a morning person because if I have a choice, I'll sleep-in every single day of my life but I am not a night person either. My mind goes to pause mode at 5PM. I need to re-charge for a couple of hours if I need to go back to work. Most of the nights, I go to sleep early so waking up early is not really a hiccup for me.

These days, I am keen in watching what I eat actually as I seem to be lethargic. I eat whatever I want without worry or thought on quick weight loss pills that I would need if I beef up - which I has not happened in my entire life.

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