Again, somebody left the company this week. It was very sudden but I am not going to be modest and say that I was so astute that when that person was called up, I knew what was coming as the senior staff was advised to lock his computer and all the passwords to network access and computers were changed. A swift goodbye followed and a sweet short company meeting followed. Back to business.

As stressed several times, we are a team and each one should be working towards the common goal together. I’m sure it was not about netbooks or whatever. It’s about performance. Things such as these make one think and double think. Holding onto a job is not easy even if you believe you are doing your best. I remember what a friend said back then. You need to keep yourself abrased with what’s the latest, hone your skills and keep on getting better. Just like celebrities, they aspire to be the best. They develop their skills to an optimum level.
What should you do to keep up to beat?


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