I Have Become an Avid Fan

Hugh Jackman shows his silly side catching a ride on a scooter to pick up his daughter, Ava, from school.
Picture: Snappermedia

When I saw the poster ad for Lipton, I asked "what the heck is HJ doing in an iced tea ad?". I thought, it's really out of his league (much like Rebecca Minkoff handbags). But hey, he looked good in it.

Young Book Worm

Her book club: Pint-Sized P.I.s of Hollywood
What she's reading: Pony Problems (Nancy Drew & the Clue Crew 3) by Carolyn Keene
Category: Mystery
Relevant because… Ben and Jen's clued-in kid, 4½, is adding budding bookworm to her extracurricular list of ballet and dress-up accomplishments.

This just makes me say "WOW!". I know it's possible but really to know that somebody as young as 4 1/2 can read is really un-believable. Okay, maybe believable but still surreal (like wearing ugg boots in the dessert).

Love the Bag

I mean, who doesn't? Well, maybe those who don't like structured bags but for me, this is the ultimate bag that I wish to have. If I own such beauty, I would require Mcj to have a door lock for our wardrobe. I won't have my little monster get into it. Sad to say, I don't but I am happy as I would be stressed just maintaining it.

Happy Go Lucky

Your Defense Mechanism is Sublimation

Compared to most people, you handle your problems very well.
You're good at channeling negative energy into positive energy. You know how to change your perspective.
You turn bad events into opportunities. You find strength in dealing with your problems.
You are inspired and productive. Some may describe you as a "tortured genius" - but you're not that tortured.

As always. I have never changed a bit. I don't really take life seriously but I am also responsible, if that's possible. I just don't like making my life miserable when I have a choice not to be. If I am fat (which I am not), I won't obsess myself with being bitter and channel all my energy to getting thin, instead I'll grab the safest diet pills that work. I mean, things are invented because of necessity.


Shades of Pink

I was watching this video when I noticed Sarah Geronimo's makeup. The shades of pink is nice. I can't say much about make-up because first, I don't use any [aside from lip gloss, if you can say it's part of makeup condiments :)] and second, I am not really interested. But it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a good one if I see someone wearing it. I don't wear makeup purely by choice not that I am worried about acne solution.

Anyway, this video is ultra-nice.


The Most Eligible Woman

Well, what can I say aside from commenting on what I read online. I'm not in the best foot to pass judgment but I reckon she is single and available and because, the's popular she's rated that. From what I know of her, again based on what I see and hear and read (as I don't know her personally), she's a great person, has great bod (not sure if she's reading dermapril review, though). There could be reasons why she's single but I think, it's up to her. Nobody can judge her just because she's un-attached as far as we know.

The Latest

Photo of Hugh Dancy that I can find, that is. Since watching the movie The Confessions of a Shopaholic, I became a fan of him. I've seen the movie several times, I had a small dose last night. I get a boost watching feel good movies - same hype as when I find discount laminate flooring or any discount sale.

Don't leave her hanging! Emmy winner Claire Danes – whose HBO movie Temple Grandin took home seven awards – high-fives husband Hugh Dancy on the dance floor at West Hollywood's Trousdale lounge, where Emmy host Jimmy Fallon threw his own afterparty.


Remixing Wardrobe

I don't own as much clothes as I want for several reasons - money and space of course. I'm still trying to learn how to mix my odd bits and pieces. Well, what better way to learn than to check out the celebs. I know, it's easy for them as playing the playstation 3 but not for me. I'm not a trend-setter let alone have a knack in dressing up.

Expert fashionista Jones gives her J Brand "Gigi" jeans a menswear spin with a fedora and bright oxfords one day and a classic ladylike look with cap-toe heels and a luxe tote another.

Not only are Biel's Roger Vivier flats stylish, they're so versatile! From a tank and jean shorts to a ladylike cardigan and wide-leg trousers, the neutral snakeskin shoes work with the gamut of her wardrobe.

Army green shorts are a wardrobe staple for many women. Leave it to Paltrow to take them from preppy with a button-down and Goyard tote to rock-star cool with a leather jacket and tough booties.


Again, somebody left the company this week. It was very sudden but I am not going to be modest and say that I was so astute that when that person was called up, I knew what was coming as the senior staff was advised to lock his computer and all the passwords to network access and computers were changed. A swift goodbye followed and a sweet short company meeting followed. Back to business.

As stressed several times, we are a team and each one should be working towards the common goal together. I’m sure it was not about netbooks or whatever. It’s about performance. Things such as these make one think and double think. Holding onto a job is not easy even if you believe you are doing your best. I remember what a friend said back then. You need to keep yourself abrased with what’s the latest, hone your skills and keep on getting better. Just like celebrities, they aspire to be the best. They develop their skills to an optimum level.
What should you do to keep up to beat?



The Blue Dress

Reese Witherspoon and newly-engaged co-star Tom Hardy (not pictured) film a pub scene on the Vancouver set of their upcoming action-comedy, This Means War, Friday.

If I ever want a blue dress, it would be something like this. Nothing that will stop the roadside assistance club but dainty and neat. Oh, I love the hair as well.


Sleep and Food

You Are a Morning Person

You're optimistic, alert, and full of energy to start the day.
While you would love to party all night, you rather be up at the crack of dawn.
You don't procrastinate or spend time worry about what to do next.
You take life by the reigns, and you like to have an early start.

I can't really say that I am a morning person because if I have a choice, I'll sleep-in every single day of my life but I am not a night person either. My mind goes to pause mode at 5PM. I need to re-charge for a couple of hours if I need to go back to work. Most of the nights, I go to sleep early so waking up early is not really a hiccup for me.

These days, I am keen in watching what I eat actually as I seem to be lethargic. I eat whatever I want without worry or thought on quick weight loss pills that I would need if I beef up - which I has not happened in my entire life.
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