A Big Fright

I sat infront of my laptop this afternoon and tried to open my blog and I was notified that it doesn't exist. I tried my other blog and I also got the same message. By then I was almost panicking. I tried to open my gmail account - I'm using the same account for blogger - and I was asked to verify it because of suspicious activity. What the?

I was online yesterday and left my notebook open but I unhook my net connection. Little did I know that my net email account will still be hacked. I have a realiably strong password. I changed it now but it still scared me. Somebody could have gotten my password through some spyware while I'm typing it. The malicious activity actually sent emails to all my friends' email. If only it was healthcare listings not spam that contains virus.

It's the first time that ever happend to me and now I'm not sure if I can ever be safe online. To think that I'm doing online banking and other confidential transactions.

I know with convenience, risk is paramount as well.


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