You Communicate Vividly

You love language and communicating. You are the first to try a new word or saying.
You are a persuasive communicator and know how to influence people. You are inspiring and even poetic.
You tend to use analogies, stories, and interesting phrases. You know how to evoke the right emotions.
While you love to talk, you are also a good listener. You like conversations... not monologues!

That's what I used to love to do.. talking. I was so talkative at school that my friends won't sit beside me during class else they get told off by our teachers. I used to tell everything about my life too - no holds barred. But as I get older and matured, I realise that I don't have to air all my blanket (including Medicare part D plans). I can still be the talkative person without having to tell everything.

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