I’m Not Surprised

WOMEN are earning more than ever and climbing the ranks of corporate Australia in bigger numbers, but when it comes to managing their financial future their track record remains ordinary.
That is the bleak assessment of financial empowerment coach Linda Coates, who says: "There's probably still a significant number of women who choose to ignore [it and] don't really do much about it.

"Somewhere between 24 and 40, where we've got our career path in place, we've done our university, we're making some good money but we just don't find time to actually figure out how to make that money work for us while we are doing the working."

Coates, guest speaker at a seminar titled A Man is Not a Financial Plan scheduled in Sydney earlier this week, continues: "We get caught up with the marriage, kids and everything else, we then get [to] around 40 to 50 and some of life's things start to change for us. And then we get to the stage where we go, 'Hey, you know what? We really don't understand what all that money is doing for us at the moment.'"

This seems sound true to me. I’m adamant to admit but my husband would vouch that indeed, I can’t manage my financials. Sometimes, I tip up the scales for being a mouse but most of the times, I’m just being a spend-thrift. It all boils down to my love of shopping.

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