The top ten TV richest kid in the USA. Surprising, Jake is at the top. Surprise, surprise but as my husband said, he is a very crucial character in Men, men, men (that's what my Little Boy calls it).

1. Angus T. Jones (16), Two and a Half Men: $250,000 per episode 2. Miranda Cosgrove (16), iCarly: $180,000 3. Selena Gomez (17), Wizards of Waverly Place: $25,000 4. Dylan and Cole Sprouse (17), The Suite Life: $20,000 each 4. Keke Palmer (16), True Jackson: $20,000 6. Miley Cyrus (17), Hannah Montana: $15,000 6. Rico Rodriguez (11), Modern Family: $15,000 8. Demi Lovato (17), Sonny With a Chance: $12,000 8. Victoria Justice (17), Victorious: $12,000 8. Atticus Shaffer (11), The Middle: $12,000

What can I say? I do like watching the sitcom (it's better than having eczema treatment if you need one) so I think it's worth it. Although, I like Jake when he was chubby and younger. Looks like a baby to me.


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