Bye Summer

The cold weather has settled in though, it’s not the wintery kind yet. But wearing singlet and shorts is seemed to be a distant past. Bye bye summer. This year’s summer was really good. No extreme heat condition in our side of the world. I have some regrets though. We really haven’t taken all the opportunities we have to hit the pool or the beach. It seems a blur to me but we have been a slack. The Little Boy was supposedly learning how to swim but unfornately, he didn’t flourish much in that department. I guess we were just busy. I’ll just have to stick it in our schedule to go for a swim every weekend – just like taking vitamin ( a constant in my life).

You Are a Lucky Person

You are cautious and slow to act. It takes you a long time to get used to ideas. You are happiest at any given time. You find so much to be happy about that you're usually quite content. You work at a pace that is comfortable to you. You can get more done if you don't burn yourself out. You are a focused and dedicated person. You are willing to stay on task, even when it's hard.


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