Sweet and Sour Dream

You Are a Mango Cheesecake

You are alluring and exotic... there's something mysterious about you. You are also adventurous and well traveled. New things bring you exhilaration. You get along with many types of people. You are definitely open minded and cosmopolitan. You appreciate the laid back, slower pace of life. You could definitely imagine living on an island.

While I imagine that I'm eating Mango Cheesecake, I want to check out what are the institutions offering the best lsat prep. I'm not gong into law as I have thrown that dream out the window more than two decades ago.

Anyway, one of the reasons why I gave up my dream was for financial reasons and this, I really hate to admit, but didn't think that I could make it then. But I think given fair opportunity and resources, I can give it a try if we are still 15 years back. There are many online resources for preparing for it that are very accessible and helpful. If only I was as mature before as I am now I could have made it. Dream on!

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