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I'm just being sporadic in posting photos to Photo Hunt (read: only when I am not busy).

We could not help to notice these hedges in one of the houses we passed by when we went to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. You see, we went there a bit late so parking inside the zoo was full and we found one about a kilometer hike. We didn't complain as it was free and we walked mostly on shaded area anyway. These hedges are made of pine (I don't know the variant) planted closer together. Mcj posed next to it to show how high the hedges are. It is very well maintained, must have paid heaps of money to the gardener. The image says it all. Some of the houses around the neighbourhood were starting to plant the same pine trees around their houses as well. I think, I might do the same if we have a smaller area and if I can afford to hire a gardener (plus anAcer Aspire to keep on blogging about it). They add beauty, privacy and personality to the house.

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