Moving Up

There are some changes in the office. Not just in the role of the people but on the desk allocation as well. I was one of those affected by the later. Since we moved in that office more than a year ago, I already moved twice. This time, I get the window desk. I'm not overly giddy about it for several reasons, a) the aircon vent (4 angle) is slightly above my left side (I can feel cold air coming down) b) the window blinds' control is on the side that I can't reach, it's either I climb up the desk or get somebody else to do it and I'm not the person to bother somebody so it leaves me with one option.

Oh well, I can't have the best of everything right? I still enjoy the view (can always do skywatching) and if I'm lucky that the sun is not glary, I don't have to close the blinds. Time to put my feet up and enjoy the Black and Mild, Not!


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