Men and Their DogS

Should I say, little dogs? What's with little ones anyhow? Maybe they're showing their soft side - it's a statement saying, I'm capable of handling little things like children? Lol.

When it comes to trainers, McConaughey's pup BJ is tops. Who knew such a short dog could have the energy to keep up with all those waterfront runs?

The sexiest Scotsman in show biz is rarely without pint-sized pug Lolita. Don't let her stature fool you, though: The pooch reportedly got into a scuffle with some greyhounds in New York last year.

For me it's already adorable to see men having pets. I can't be like them. I'm not really sure why - my love for animals and just skin deep. I would be sending them to a motorhome if I have one myself, though we have a big Russian cat. Mcj owned him and I haven't adopted him formally. :)

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