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If Jennifer Aniston gets her way, she’ll soon be the adoptive single mother to a bouncing baby boy, just like Sheryl Crow, Calista Flockhart, Sharon Stone
, Mia Farrow…my fingers are getting tired, but you get the idea.

OK! magazine
reports that the process is underway.

Inspired by her good friend Sheryl Crow, who just became a mom to adopted son Wyatt, Jennifer Aniston is seriously considering adopting a baby. The 38-year-old actress has met with the same adoption agency
that helped bring Sheryl and her son together. Jen has also been spotted buying a ton of baby products. All she has to do is set up a nursery in her 15-million, 9,000-square-foot pad in Beverly Hills — the house she’s been renovating since October.

I read this article from a magazine two days ago. I was surprised and happy for her. I think, it's high time she does have a baby. As always, I wish her happiness.

Saying that she walking in the footsteps of Ange is a load of rubbish. I mean, adopting a child has been a norm rather than an exception in Holywood now a days. It's not just Ange, there are some others who don't make it so public (except if they undergo adult acne treatments or worse) like her.

I hope, it'll turn out good for Jen.

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