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Is this good or bad? Be the judge.
SCIENTISTS in Houston are testing a drug that mimics the effects of exercise for people who are unable to work out.
The “exercise pill,” developed by Dr Vihang Narkar at the UTHealth Molecular Medicine Institute, is being tested on mice and is aimed specifically at people who are physically incapable of exercise, such as those in wheelchairs.

Dr Narkar said the compound was administered to sedentary mice for about a month -- and they were able to exercise up to 50 percent longer than untreated mice, report myFOXhouston.com.

“You're taking a couch potato mouse, treating them with a drug and converting them into a marathon mouse, if you will,” he said.

Unfortunately for human "couch potatoes," Dr Narkar estimates it could take a decade before the drug is approved and available on the market.

What's next? Pill food so you don't have to eat - get fat but still keep going? I'm very fortunate that I don't take pills inorder for me to function and live normally.

I just wonder, doesn't this pill defeat its purpose? I mean, if you can't exercise it means you are busy and when you are busy, you are exercising - your brain, muscles, etc. It seems how many online degrees, I may take.. I wouldn't be able to understand what's going on around anymore.

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