Wit's End

I don’t know what’s peculiar thing happened this week compared to our usual one but it seems, I am at my wit’s end when it comes to the little boy. I’m a control-freak, so you see what I must have felt when the little boy’s attitude is no-where near to what I was expecting of him. He was just so defiant and very independent that I felt I’m loosing my touch on him. I felt distant. It doesn’t help that I a working away from home and we don’t get much time to bond. Plus, I have rules imposed on what food to eat – which is the constant cause of bickering.

My schedule has been disrupted as well, thanks to the erratic train runs. I’m loosing my grip. No, it doesn’t sound that bad – I’m just being melodramatic.

I just need to recharge and rejuvenate – spend more time with my family and feel connected. No calling up for insurance quote.

I am thankful though, that Mcj has been very good and supportive. I think I must be feeling bad because I’m the one policing at home and he’s the indulging one – I look like the bad guy.

I know this will be over soon – it’s just a hormonal thing.


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