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How would you like to live in an upside down house? Well, I’m sure nobody would except for novelty reason and only if gravity resides in the atmosphere. It would be absolutely chaotic, I believe. Keeping a normal house tidy is a feat in itself, how more labourious it is for an un-conventional dwelling.

Anyway, I’m sure nobody will take the offer as it is impossible to live in that way. The said house is just an exhibit in the Getorff, Germany.
Built inside the grounds of a zoo in Getorff, Germany, the house has an upside-down kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

The 23ft-tall (seven metres) home was built by carpenter Gerhard Mordhorst and his colleagues Gesellse Splettstober and Manfred Kolax.

They described the project as one of the “craziest” they’ve ever been asked to do.

Steel plates and screws were used to hold the furniture in place.

Putting the bathroom together was the trickiest part due to bulky items such as the shower.

This house will be open for public viewing so if you're in Germany, brace your personal budget software and treat everyone you know to see this unique art.

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