Sense and Sensibility

I saw this movie for the first time yesterday afternoon. Although, there were interruptions and I had to pause it every now and then (that’s what happened when you have a toddler wanting your attention most of the times), I enjoyed it. I knew what to expect in the movie – nothing much happenings that it borders to boring - so I wasn’t high on expectation and I didn’t get flopped with what I actually saw.

I’m not really good in giving reviews so I wouldn’t attempt it. What do I really want to do is get immersed in the era (1800’s) in the movie. Not because I have a royal blood – I am sure it would be difficult for me to survive. But because of the costumes of the female that is. Oh, don’t mention the male breeches – makes me realised where the jockey breeches came from.

The costumes were described as plain but for me they’re pretty. Imagine yourself running in the paddocks with sequined and beaded clothes. I’m sure it will just be an inconvenience. Well, I’m always for the plain and simple anyway. One more thing, they would hide those unwanted curves while waiting for ephedra weight loss products
to kick in.

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