I fancy going camping but have never tried it yet. Mcj has all sorts of stuff for camping. He even used to joint-own a camper trailer but we haven’t gotten around of actually doing it. Why? First, we seem can’t make time for it. Yeah, it’s better to drive more than a 1000 kms one way than go camping. For me, it’s just not worth all the hassles of packing, unpacking and being away from comforts. I know sooner or later we have to do it for the Little Guy.

Anyway, when I think that getting into the sleeping bag inside a small tent is un-imaginable, how am I able to cope and endure being inside the JakPak?

I suppose if I eat and breathe the outdoor life, I can tolerate it or I can even say that it’s a great invention. Light travelling is always fun if you’re hiking a hundreds of kilometers to have fun (not just experimenting diets that work).

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