A long time ago, when my husband was planning to get a phone plan for an IPhone, I objected vehemently. I didn’t see any sense or practicality in it at all. It’s just another expense that we don’t need.

Last week, my boss has been very generous. He offered me a phone plan with IPhone. Although, the first question I asked was if I need to pay for it, and thankfully, I won’t. Now, I’m beginning to see the benefits of having an IPhone and I’m liking it. No, loving it. I haven’t spent a cent on the apps that I’ve bought but they are all so handy.

My work machine has been bugging me. It shuts itself down out of the blue. It works itself up too much that the fun just keeps on going on and on.

Recently, the company bought some new hardware. Although, I don’t want to impose but I really think I need a new machine if they want me to be more productive than what I am now (yeah, I’m the first person to toot my horn when it comes to productivity as I really believe I works faster). Enough said but I found out there’s no notebooks on the list of things delivered. But then there are desktops and they were to replace the development team’s laptops. And the laptops will be passed on to us. The Dev’s machines are way faster than ours. I’m not sure if they are hp laptops but I’m excited to get one. It wouldn’t be light built but I’m sure way better.

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