Sunset Escapades

FEEDING THE DUCKS AT THE CENTENARY LAKES. Photos straight from my camera.

Look at how big the bread pieces that my Little Boy was giving the ducks. It's because the smaller pieces don't go far. Even then, the ducks are not eating them as the bread were too close to the bank and to us.


A long time ago, when my husband was planning to get a phone plan for an IPhone, I objected vehemently. I didn’t see any sense or practicality in it at all. It’s just another expense that we don’t need.

Last week, my boss has been very generous. He offered me a phone plan with IPhone. Although, the first question I asked was if I need to pay for it, and thankfully, I won’t. Now, I’m beginning to see the benefits of having an IPhone and I’m liking it. No, loving it. I haven’t spent a cent on the apps that I’ve bought but they are all so handy.

My work machine has been bugging me. It shuts itself down out of the blue. It works itself up too much that the fun just keeps on going on and on.

Recently, the company bought some new hardware. Although, I don’t want to impose but I really think I need a new machine if they want me to be more productive than what I am now (yeah, I’m the first person to toot my horn when it comes to productivity as I really believe I works faster). Enough said but I found out there’s no notebooks on the list of things delivered. But then there are desktops and they were to replace the development team’s laptops. And the laptops will be passed on to us. The Dev’s machines are way faster than ours. I’m not sure if they are hp laptops but I’m excited to get one. It wouldn’t be light built but I’m sure way better.

Wit's End

I don’t know what’s peculiar thing happened this week compared to our usual one but it seems, I am at my wit’s end when it comes to the little boy. I’m a control-freak, so you see what I must have felt when the little boy’s attitude is no-where near to what I was expecting of him. He was just so defiant and very independent that I felt I’m loosing my touch on him. I felt distant. It doesn’t help that I a working away from home and we don’t get much time to bond. Plus, I have rules imposed on what food to eat – which is the constant cause of bickering.

My schedule has been disrupted as well, thanks to the erratic train runs. I’m loosing my grip. No, it doesn’t sound that bad – I’m just being melodramatic.

I just need to recharge and rejuvenate – spend more time with my family and feel connected. No calling up for insurance quote.

I am thankful though, that Mcj has been very good and supportive. I think I must be feeling bad because I’m the one policing at home and he’s the indulging one – I look like the bad guy.

I know this will be over soon – it’s just a hormonal thing.



Charity Event

The charity event held at the shops one Sunday to support cancer patients. Some people are getting their head shaved. This is my world.



Rainbow Terminal

Something new and unique and China. I think, this is worth checking out when going there.

SHANGHAI has opened a new terminal at its domestic airport as China's second-largest city geared up to welcome tens of millions of visitors to the Expo 2010.

The government has spent $2.2 billion on the makeover of Hongqiao Airport, 35 minutes west of the city centre, and made it part of an ultramodern travel hub linking metro and high-speed rail.

"An airport with the size of a world-class hub has taken shape, which will provide a high-quality aviation service for the World Expo," an airport authority statement said.

The first flight from Hongqiao's new terminal - four times bigger than the cramped old facility - took off early Tuesday for Beijing.

Pudong Airport is Shanghai's main airport for international flights while Hongqiao is used mainly by domestic airlines.

Officials expect the vast majority of the Expo's 70-100 million visitors to come from within China.

As of now, I just dream - but hopefully, we can go to the Great Wall of China. Mcj needs to loose weight first. I wonder if he will consent to usingherbal diet supplements so we can have a hike.

Up Side Down

How would you like to live in an upside down house? Well, I’m sure nobody would except for novelty reason and only if gravity resides in the atmosphere. It would be absolutely chaotic, I believe. Keeping a normal house tidy is a feat in itself, how more labourious it is for an un-conventional dwelling.

Anyway, I’m sure nobody will take the offer as it is impossible to live in that way. The said house is just an exhibit in the Getorff, Germany.
Built inside the grounds of a zoo in Getorff, Germany, the house has an upside-down kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

The 23ft-tall (seven metres) home was built by carpenter Gerhard Mordhorst and his colleagues Gesellse Splettstober and Manfred Kolax.

They described the project as one of the “craziest” they’ve ever been asked to do.

Steel plates and screws were used to hold the furniture in place.

Putting the bathroom together was the trickiest part due to bulky items such as the shower.

This house will be open for public viewing so if you're in Germany, brace your personal budget software and treat everyone you know to see this unique art.


I fancy going camping but have never tried it yet. Mcj has all sorts of stuff for camping. He even used to joint-own a camper trailer but we haven’t gotten around of actually doing it. Why? First, we seem can’t make time for it. Yeah, it’s better to drive more than a 1000 kms one way than go camping. For me, it’s just not worth all the hassles of packing, unpacking and being away from comforts. I know sooner or later we have to do it for the Little Guy.

Anyway, when I think that getting into the sleeping bag inside a small tent is un-imaginable, how am I able to cope and endure being inside the JakPak?

I suppose if I eat and breathe the outdoor life, I can tolerate it or I can even say that it’s a great invention. Light travelling is always fun if you’re hiking a hundreds of kilometers to have fun (not just experimenting diets that work).

Sense and Sensibility

I saw this movie for the first time yesterday afternoon. Although, there were interruptions and I had to pause it every now and then (that’s what happened when you have a toddler wanting your attention most of the times), I enjoyed it. I knew what to expect in the movie – nothing much happenings that it borders to boring - so I wasn’t high on expectation and I didn’t get flopped with what I actually saw.

I’m not really good in giving reviews so I wouldn’t attempt it. What do I really want to do is get immersed in the era (1800’s) in the movie. Not because I have a royal blood – I am sure it would be difficult for me to survive. But because of the costumes of the female that is. Oh, don’t mention the male breeches – makes me realised where the jockey breeches came from.

The costumes were described as plain but for me they’re pretty. Imagine yourself running in the paddocks with sequined and beaded clothes. I’m sure it will just be an inconvenience. Well, I’m always for the plain and simple anyway. One more thing, they would hide those unwanted curves while waiting for ephedra weight loss products
to kick in.

The Bounty Hunter

Since I've become a Jen Aniston fan, I check her profile every once in a while in People.com. I also check out some of her videos - it's a shame I can only find 1 decent video of her and Bradd - I like them together.

The Bounty Hunter is Jen's latest movie release with Gerard Buttler.

I first saw Buttler in P.S. I love you. I like him there.. real Scot or Irish? I have to learn more about him as well as learn more about weight loss pills. They're not just for those who want to shed unwanted pounds, you know. It's for everyone's awareness, I reckon.

Baker's Delight

Simon Baker, the boy from Tassie who grew up in a country town just south of Byron Bay, has come a long way since he won the Most Popular New Talent Logie for his work on E Street in 1993. The star of the hit show The Mentalist and films such as The Devil Wears Prada - and winner of TV Guide’s Sexiest Man Alive award - opens up to GQ about feeling like an impostor despite the decade of dues-paying hard slog he put in before ascending to the upper echelons of the entertainment industry. It’s a very un-American humility that’s Baker’s retained despite having been based in Hollywood for the last decade and a half. “We’re Australian,” he notes. “It’s not like we go: ‘You’re awesome!’ Aussies go: ‘You’ve done alright, but don’t get a big head.’”

Simon also shares his thoughts on everything from the importance of courtesy (“Don’t ever ignore people. If someone smiles at you, smile back”) to settling your nerves before a big speech (“Drink vodka instead of beer. Beer makes you fart”).

I saw him first in The Devel Wears Prada - I instantly like him there. Lax or lazy but sexy role. Then The Mentalist came and oh boy, was I hooked to it. I missed that only if I don't have a choice. I watch reruns. And I don't even like watching so much tv (unless it's a travel show featuring nice places and hotels - could be Toronto hotels). Travelling in your lazy boy - that's another story.


Friday Fill-ins - Mar 12

1. I am so looking forward to going to the shops on weekends and have some rest as well. ?
2. Chicken for dinner later.
3. When you get up in the morning, what do you do first.
4. My car is a big part of my life.
5. If you need anything I tell my husband.
6. I don't think anything about a trip.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watch footy, tomorrow my plans include doing the washing early and going to the post office and Sunday, I want to put my feet up and read a good book (First Lady)!


A Copy Please

I sure want to get hold a copy of this magazine. Hang-on, I have to check where can I buy W in Australia.

Movies I Own

This is my first time to post on Thursday Thirteen. I thought, I’ll just choose the easy subject for a start.

1. Sweet Home Alabama – saw this more than 10 times.
2. The Devil Wears Prada
3. Two Weeks Notice
4. Sense and Sensibility – haven’t seen this yet
5. The Prince and Me
6. P.S. I Love you
7. Blond Ambition
8. I Could Never Be You Woman
9. 7 years in Tibet
10. Mexican – Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt first and last movie together
11. Legends of the Fall
12. Carolina
13. Picture Perfect



Beach in Coffs Harbour



To The Wedding

I just finished reading this book. It's a very simple story but moving.

Set in early Europe - notable mention of Po Delta river. The main character has AIDS. A mother who's remorseful as she left home hence her daughter moved out and decided to live on her own. A father who lives a simple life. A cook-stranger that gave him the deadly virus. The man who decided to marry her despite and inspite her terminal illness.

It's a triumphant book. Full of pictures of happiness and emotions.

True love in its purest form. Gives me hope that people with AIDS have the change to have a better life when they found the person that truly love them.

This is the second book that I read with Greek infusion in it but both are emotional (suitable for a person who research term life insurance for dummies, I reckon.. who is me). I'll give this book a 3 star out of 5.
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