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Learning doesn't stop when you got the job. Some wants to keep educating themselves to be acquianted with what's the latest in the chosen profession. Some wants to further their studies. But the choices are few when you are working full time. It crossed my mind several times to enrol in an online university. I have done my research which school offers to program that I want to get in but my free time don't permit it yet.

Choosing ones school is critical as it plays a vital role in the sucess and completion of the course. Does it offer flexible time? Can you tailor your subjects to your work schedule? How much does it cost? How is the cost compared to other online universities? How's the school performance in relation to the program that you are interested in?

In the US there are several schools that are worth looking at if you are interested in rn to bsn online. There's WGU for one. It has become a national university, serving over 17,000 students from all 50 states. The tuition is flat rate - I think that is synonymous to no hidden charges. I think being a non-profit school is a bonus as they are not thinking of the shareholders but the students.

For me the criteria would be affordability, schedule and quality.

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