Ms Potter

It's an old movie and I'm not sure if I have seen it. So when I saw a copy at the library I borrowed it. It's now waiting to be seen.

I'm silly because I read reviews before I watch a film. I would search it over the net and see if it is worth seeing. But even if the reviews are not positive, I'd still see it. It doesn't bother me (it's a different story though if you're reading a Mesothelioma treatment reviews). At least, I would know what to expect rather than expect too much and be disappointed. Some films do that.

Here are some reviews that told me, I will enjoy the movie.
"Miss Potter" is a wonderful movie caused me to coo, "AwwWWwwWw..." rather often.

This is a film for all age's, and all people. Absolutely beautiful from start to finish

A "Mary Poppins" Merry Movie :)

from imdb

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